D augmented reality collAR. New from the WAG store!

D augmented reality collAR
  • Pack status rankings using the truK9 algorithm from alpha dog to little bitch.
  • BSA (bark spectrum analyzer): perks up when the frequency known as the bark-bluffing wave is detected.  It boasts a 98 percent hit rate for reliable "bark is worse than bite" assurance.

  • Real time begging analytics seamlessly mesh your  puppy eyes with human behavioral metrics.
  • Squirrel scan HUD and photogeometric tracking of those furry bastards.
  • BoneBury password protection and depth encryption.
As part of the SNIFFer platform:
  • Pmail : improved spam filters for spayed or neutered.  aroma assist, and geo tagging for home range, territorial pissings, and nervous tinkles.
  • biffer integration: the signature "Hello world!" app.  micro-buttsniffing various states of wag from rapid to tucked away,  broadcast your "beefs" beyond your pack.  Integrated with dog-park and assbook.
  • On the go: switch to head window mode for rapid SNIFFer rates and paw free operation.
  • toggle auto-pound on/off for leash free operation.
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